Dress Room Design Hallways

Dress Room Design Entrance

This Retro Classic Television Laminated Placemat takes you back to a simpler time. The 1960's style, minimalist, cartoon drawing will have you looking for the opening credits. The design shows a mid century modern, sunken, living room with teal and turquoise walls and a red, cone shaped fireplace, complete with a roaring fire. All eyes are on the lanky, man of the house as he makes his grand entrance. The handsome Mister is wearing a blue suit and orange tie. His lovely Mrs. and energetic, young son are rushing to greet him. The lady of the house is wearing a hot pink, sheath dress, which she fills out in all the right places. The flip in her dark hair is sheer perfection. Junior is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans for his dash to see if his father has brought him anything. Whoa! Don't knock over the potted plant, Junior! On the lower level, we can see a green couch and an orange coffee table. Wait! We appear to have guests! Seated on the couch are a dark haired man in a blue suit and red tie, alongside a shapely blonde woman in a red dress with a red bow in her hair. Hey! It's Dad's coworkers. How did they get there first? It's one of the eternal mysteries of television. It looks like we're all set for a great evening in sitcom suburbia. But, first, we have to see if Dad is going to trip over the orange ottoman or sidestep it with some fancy footwork. Oh, the zaniness! The only thing missing from this scene is the theme song. And, if you listen closely, you can probably hear it in your mind.

Dress Room Design Pax Wardrobe

Hello my friends. I'm sorry for the short supply of posts last week. I had a crazy busy end of week...mostly because of workload......

Dress Room Design Hallways

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